Integrate Steer with Slack

Team management for Slack

Simplify direct reports and communication, and boost team morale and engagement right from Slack.

Productive Daily stand-ups

Reduce the number of meetings without losing the collaboration and the alignment of your team.

Productivity and Happiness

Take care not only of the productivity and the project, but also the happiness and the engagement of every individual.

Complete dashboard

Get a complete and organised dashboard, so you can see the progress and problems of your team in one place.

Powerful One on One check-ins

Clear roadblocks, coach your team, give and collect frequent feedback and get the pulse of your team.

Time saver

Save time with the daily reporting process, so you can maintain an aligned and well organised team without hassle.


Forget about chasing feedback from your team members. We will remind your team members at the time you've configured.

How it works

Add Steer to Slack

Wether you sign up with Slack or choose to connect Slack later, it's easy and painless. You will always be able to modify your configuration.

Install Steer in Slack easily
Daily stand-ups through Slack

Productive daily stand-ups

When your team starts their day, they will be reminded to post their status. When they are done, these updates are visible for all the team, so everyone is aligned. Is that simple.

Meaningful check-ins

On a weekly (or bi-weekly or monthly) basis, they will be reminded to share their feedback on goals, happiness and how they feel. When tey are done you can read it, comment and act on it to improve team's relationship and morale.

weekly check-ins to get the pulse of your team

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Increase employee performance by


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Decrease employee turnover by