Improve performance with clear goals and constant feedback

OKR, weekly check-ins and daily stand-ups to help you build and maintain engaged, aligned and productive teams no matter where they are.

One on One Check-ins to know the pulse and engagement of your team

All you need to maintain an engaged and productive team

Set goals and OKR to your team

Set clear goals

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and keep your team focus, engaged and aligned.

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Select at what time do you want to send the questions
Steer to help you with the employee engagement and feedback
One on One meetings to know the engagement of your team

Weekly check-ins

Individual and private weekly check-ins with every member of your team to clear roadblocks, coach your team and structure your 1:1 meetings.

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Daily standup on autopilot

Productive daily stand-ups

Keep track of what everyone’s working on, and what they’ve accomplished.

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Select at what time do you want to send the questions
Daily stand-ups and weekly check-ins through our Slack bot
Daily standup on autopilot

Slack integration

Simplify direct reports and communication, and boost team morale and engagement right from Slack.

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Engage and enable your employees and here's how you could benefit

Increase employee performance by


Increase customer satisfaction rates by


Multiply your financial success by


Decrease employee turnover by